The Undeniable Charm of the Diana Cameras

What vintage camera with a plastic body, plastic lens, and a cute appearance can produce outstanding shots on different film formats? We know you know the answer - it’s none other than our beloved Diana! Whether you’re shooting on 120, 35mm, or even 110, there’s a Diana camera that’ll fit you perfectly.

Lomography Diana F+

The Diana camera has been a darling of film lovers ever since it was introduced in the early 1960s. Users loved this vintage camera's saturated photos, exciting effects, outrageous color shifts, remarkable vignetting and its many other in-camera surprises. This has always been the Diana’s signature and is still loved by camera enthusiasts up to this day.

Diana F+ Instant Camera Classic

Appearance-wise, the Diana is no slouch either. It has countless styles, accessory options, and even clones or copies that are still available in the market today. Users can mix and match their mood, outfits, and even shooting styles with a unique vintage Diana camera of their own.

Diana F+

Of course, we can’t let the updated version of the classic vintage camera that caught the attention and imagination of thousands of people all over the world just slip away – the Lomography Diana F+. This new and exciting remake of the classic Diana offers an updated look and a whole lot of cool features to make analogue adventures all the more exciting. The Diana F+ microsite will tell you all you need to know about its growing family.

Diana F+ Loveletters, Diana F+ Sahara Deluxe Kit, Diana F+ Cai Guo-Qiang, Diana F+ Black Jack, Diana F+ Mr. Pink, Diana F+ Cortina, Diana F+ Zebra, Diana F+ Colette

The Diana F+ was designed and created to give film enthusiasts a reliable film camera that still pays tribute to the original Diana. Build quality is improved and ensured by our talented staff while the design department makes sure that each Diana F+ will excite users and onlookers with a visual treat. The Diana F+ comes in a variety of designs that will make any camera collector’s heart flutter. Style isn’t compromised and even casual shooters can find a Diana that suits their sartorial choices and shooting preferences.

Credits: satomi, orangebird, megs79, grad & susielomovitz

Diana Mini

Diana Mini and Flash White, Diana Mini Monte Rosa, Diana Mini and Flash, Diana Mini and Flash Twilight Blue, Diana Mini and Flash Fern Green, Diana Mini and Flash Petite Noire, and Diana Mini and Flash Double Rainbow

The original Diana shoots on medium format film. The square images just captured the hearts of many because it had that distinct Diana effect. Lomography came up with a smaller, cuter version of the original medium format wonder and the result is the equally charming Diana Mini. Diana lovers are given the chance to shoot on 35mm film easily and enjoy the same effects the original camera was known for. It also comes with an array of accessories like lenses, flashes, and color gels to make the analogue experience even more exciting.

Diana Instant Back+

Diana Instant Back+

Instant photography lovers and Diana fans will surely love this nifty tool. The Diana Instant Back+ marries all the well-loved characteristics of instant photography and the fantastic charm of the Diana into one complete and cool package. See your prints appear right before your eyes and share them instantly with family and friends. The Diana Instant Back+ will fit your Diana F+ camera perfectly to help you capture life's precious moments on a film format that's loved by all. Talk about versatility!

Diana Baby110

Diana Baby 110

The Diana still doesn't stop there, it even has a teeny weeny version that you can slip into your pocket! Introducing the Diana Baby 110 cameras - a super cute and super compact Diana camera you can literally take with you anytime, anyplace! This tiny little shooter runs on 110 film but can still pack a punch if you're looking for head turning effects.

Crazy Film Experiments with the Diana

Credits: dabai, warning, andrejrusskovskij, born-to-ruin & paperplanepilot

The Diana F+ may be a style icon but it is still a great performer when it comes to taking photos. Multiple exposures, night time long exposure shots, crazy film experiments, light painting, and downright amazing images can be expected with this camera. You can change up from 120 to 35mm to instant with a simple accessory. Create well-lit photographs in a snap with the hot shoe flash attachment or go loco with macro shots. Sky’s the absolute limit with the Diana cameras. Take a look at some of the most amazing Diana photographs from our amazing community members.

Grab a Diana camera and make it your own. Accessorize, style it up, and most importantly, create amazing memories with it on every photo walk. Nothing’s better than a camera that's been there for you whenever that photographic light bulb lights up. The Diana cameras have been here for the longest time, and they’re not planning to leave anytime soon.

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Benoemd Product

Lomography Diana F+

Lomography Diana F+

Schiet tijdloze en dramatische foto's op 120 film met de Diana F+. Creëer prachtige soft-focus beelden en experimenteer met verschillende lenzen of zelfs een instant back voor extra effecten en flexibiliteit.

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