My love for photography started 52 yrs ago- I was 8 then and got a Diana. I was not aware that this simple camera is still in within the lomography community. Unfortunately I have not kept the camera nor I can find any photos I took. With 14 I got an Exacta 1 A, I changed to Rolleiflex and ended with Canon EOS. Till today my normal camera, and till today only analog though for documentation purposes I have a small Lumix digital. In recent years I started to collect cameras from the "East". In 1992 I obtained a Seagull in Beijing and even used it. Now I have quite a beautiful collection of three Zorki 4, one Zorki 6, one Zenit, one Fed, two Seagulls. Not from the East but nice as well- one Leidolf and one Agfa Click Box from 1940. They should now get out of their Vitrine - life and I have started to use them. First results (which I will share in due course) are encouraging with my Zorki 4 and Jupiter 35mm lenses (and Ilford XP2 which already expired in 2006 - which created a beautiful effect). However, I have also registered here for learning and exchange. Lomography goes beyond the usual photography - but I like the approach - shooting from the hip so to say and building in the technical "shortcomings" into your creativity. So comments are welcome! Rolf

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