The Life through the analogue camera is more real than through the digital over megapixeled perfect cameras. Even it is blurred, colors are not real sometimes and technical quality not perfect every time. But the life in real is the same.

My cameras:
Canon AE-1 Program with Canon FD 50mm/f1.8 + Tamron 28-85mm/f4 + JCPenney 135mm/f2.8 + Soligor 75-260mm/f4
Pentacon SIX TL + Flektogon F4/50mm
Zenza Bronica Etrs with Zenzanon 75mm/f2.8
Canon IID2 with LTM Canon L 100mm/f3.5
Yashica D
Yashica 44
Polaroid Land Camera 340

and many more.

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