Hi, I am Daniel! I'm a designer from Aachen, Germany! =) I spend a huge part of my time with photography since I discovered my love for it in late 2008, but I am shooting analogue stuff only since I happend to learn of the beauty of Lomography a few months ago. My D80 wasn't used a lot since then ;) (There is a blog entry how I got into Lomo if you're interested in the whole story)

When I'm not spending my time with shooting or removing dust from the films, I am very much into everything childish (big time Lego fan and part time toy store salesman since almost five years), cars (muscle cars! Wroooom wroooom!), motorbikes, arts, science fact / fiction stuff and travelling the world whenever I have the possibility. Speaking about that: Being a German I was completely stunned of Canada when I travelled there (where I discovered my love for photography, by the way! Ha! Everything is connected!) and I am planning to live there in the veeeery long run!

Well that's a rough outline of me and my life, add me, drop me a message if you like, I am really looking forward to get to know a lot of cool people here! =)


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