Varias sueltas, que quedaron por ahí :)


  1. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    qué bonitos tonos, ¿qué asa usaste?

  2. moonshell
    moonshell ·

    Nice photos man! Do you used a flash to get this photo? And is it bulb mode on?

  3. aimaut
    aimaut ·

    @moonshell I'm a girl :), and no, I didn't use a flash, and it's not bulb mode on. The photo is taken with an Holga 135 BC, in normal mode, I think it's 1/125. Thanks!

  4. moonshell
    moonshell ·

    @aimaut Oh I'm sorry :D Well, thats really beautiful photo for a Holga camera!

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