Statue of weeping angel, necropolis of Donskoy monastery, Moscow, Russia — Gravestone of Anna Petrovna Kozhukhova (1793-1827) in the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow (sculptor: I.P.Martos, 1830).
The grave sculpture (brass, chasing) depicting grieving angel kneeling before the urn with the ashes of the dead. Originally it was made in 1830 for the tombstones E.S.Korneevoy, buried in the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery in St. Petersburg, and then repeated for the tomb to A.P.Kozhuhovoy in the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery.
On the pedestal of the monument the following text: «Unforgettable friend of the inconsolable husband with four orphans».

Variations on a theme «...with a film across Moscow»
Film format: 35mm half frame
Camera: Olympus Pen EE-3 (1973)
Lens: D.Zuiko 28mm/f3.5 (fixed focus)
Film: Samsung Prime Color Film 800 (exp 04.2006)
Photo taken: 22/08/2017

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