Contax RTS

This is the first camera to come out of the collaboration of Zeiss and Yashica. Slightly better equipped than its close relative, the Yashica FR.

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  1. lieutenant_pigeon
    lieutenant_pigeon ·

    I see you like your Contax/Yashica cameras. I've in my photographic arsenal I have: Contax N1 , Contax NX, Contax G1 and a Yashica FR. Despite being bumped and dropped they all work as well as the day they left the factory. I also have a bit of soft spot for the Contax 645 but I think Mrs LP would have a major sense of humour failure.

  2. therealmrblue
    therealmrblue ·

    @lieutenant_pigeon thanks for the laugh! I can relate to keeping the lady in good humor. I would love to have a Contax G2 but I think that would definitely stretch my girlfriend's patience.

    I do love my C/Y gear. It was one of the most affordable ways for me to get into Zeiss glass.

    Bless her heart, my girlfriend bought me a gift certificate for KEH which I used to purchase a Pentax 645 that in waiting for better weather to shoot.

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