1. kocht
    kocht ·

    Awesome product of combination of light, dynamic incapability of Slide film. I wish it was my photograph :)

  2. montagu
    montagu ·

    @kocht thanks:) yeah slide film is so awesome, i could stare at those slides in front of the window forever

  3. bluelizard
    bluelizard ·

    Amazing scene!!

  4. montagu
    montagu ·

    @bluelizard winter in hawaii, great light!

  5. bluelizard
    bluelizard ·

    Hawaii? Wow!! great capture with X-pan!!

  6. sierravictor
    sierravictor ·

    Very nice result!

  7. montagu
    montagu ·

    @bluelizard the Xpan has one of the best light meters around. I usually keep it on -1 Stop for everything and it hardly ever disappointed me

  8. montagu
    montagu ·

    @sierravictor thank you, i think i have some more of that day, got to go digging... beautiful light that day

  9. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    super !!!!

  10. montagu
    montagu ·

    @steamtug1959 that was a good day, very satisfying sunset:)

  11. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    Very good Equipment (& very good Photograph !!!!

  12. javid
    javid ·

    Amazing photo!!!

  13. montagu
    montagu ·

    @JAVID some of the best light moods in Hawaii

  14. javid
    javid ·

    Good luck Montagu and i think this is the some of the best light mood in the world...

  15. sobetion
    sobetion ·


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