These are my submissions for the Shoot Your Prophecy rumble. Nothing here is Photoshopped or digitally enhanced - this album is 100% analogue. All images are from the one roll, and each is a double exposure shot using two separate masks (except for the last two photos). I'm probably going to write a tipster on this when I have time. Basically, I downloaded the ten Analogue Prophecies from the lomography website and made two sets of masks in Photoshop (twenty masks in total) - one set with black typography and clear backgrounds, and one set inverted (clear type and black backgrounds). This way I was able to shoot a "foreground" image for the words (using mostly white walls and fences), and then shoot a background plate for the colours behind the words. I had to modify my Holga to allow me to wind the film in both directions. After all the prep was done, it was simply a matter of shooting one exposure at a time, rewinding the film, switching the mask out, reloading the film, and shooting the next exposure. I also made up some swatches to carry with me so I could try to match the colour of the backgrounds I was shooting with the colours used in the Prophecies branding. As with a lot of things in my life, I spent months thinking about this project but waited until the final 24 hours of the competition to actually go out and do it. I've never used masks before, and I put them in upside down this time around, but, hey - just another one of those wonderful happy accidents, I guess. I had two exposures left over once I was done with the ten Prophecies, so I just put one of my favourite masks back in and finished the roll - no point wasting good film :)

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