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Introduced in 1990, the Konica "Big Mini" BM-201, as well as the succeeding models in the series, remain to be a popular point-and-shoot choice for compact camera fans up to the present.

Konica Big Mini © Alfred via Wikimedia Commons, Image used under Creative Commons license

This handy shooter is a fully automatic 35 mm camera with built-in flash, and a very sharp 35 mm f/3.5 Konica lens, which Japan Camera Hunter says "by rights this camera should not have." While this camera has no manual controls -- it's supposed to be just a plain and simple point-and-shoot snapper anyway -- it has been lauded for taking good photos and working as a decent back-up camera.

Photos Taken by Our Community Members

Credits: dashkad, mrmaart & cbadajos

Technical Specifications

Type: Compact camera
Manufacturer: Konica
Year of launch: 1990
Film: 35 mm with speeds from ISO 25 to ISO 3200, automatic DX-code recognition
Lens: Konica f/3.5 35 mm, four elements in four groups
Viewfinder: bright frame direct viewfinder, with control LEDs
Metering: CdS, center-weighted, controls exposure settings automatically
Focusing: Infrared non-scan active autofocus, focus lock at current value by pressing shutter release halfways
Film advance: Automatic
Display: LCD
Flash: Reaching as far as 3.8 meters with film speed ISO 100
Weight: 188g without CR123A battery
Size: 115 × 63 × 34 mm

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All information for this article was sourced from Camerapedia, and Japan Camera Hunter.

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