Expired Film Competition


Past their prime and useless? Hardly! We love our expired film and we know you guys do as well! It’s time to showcase your best shots taken with outdated film and we’ll pick winners that are more than fresh!

Credits: cruzron

Don’t you just love stumbling upon a stash of expired film? Sometimes, you remain full of doubt. Has this been stored properly? Will I get usable images out of these? Don’t expired things curdle and grow mold? But at the end of the day, we buy the rolls anyway and continually get blown away by the results. From films that expired yesterday to those dating back more than ten years ago, expired film will always have a place in the heart of every Lomographer. Don’t you agree?

Send in your best expired film photos and we’ll give Piggies to the best ones!


  • Prize(s): 3 winners of 10 piggies each. All winners will receive a special award badge straight to their LomoHomes.
  • Film/Camera Type: Any analogue photo not digitally enhanced or manipulated. Must use expired film!
  • Upload Limit: 10 photos!
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px in either width or height.
  • Meta data must be completed (camera, film, location & 3 tags).

geschreven door cruzron op 2012-03-05 in #nieuws #film #slide #expired #negatives #competition #negs #outdated

Met de Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens kun je je wereld verbreden – maar het is geen groothoeklens. Ontworpen om grote en kleine escapades een boost te geven; het is je ticket voor de iconische Lomography-esthetiek. Zoete verzadiging, hoog contrast, geavanceerde optische kwaliteit, unieke bokeh, supersnel diafragma-mechanisme –de Lomogon is het ultieme Lomo-oog op de wereld. Ga nu naar Kickstarter om alles te ontdekken wat je moet weten over onze nieuwste uitvinding en bespaar tot 40% op de uiteindelijke verkoopprijs met onze geweldige Kickstarter specials!


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    I'm in =D

  2. _rebecca
    _rebecca ·

    Great! Just found a place where i can buy expired agfa for 1 euro!!

  3. marjanbuning
    marjanbuning ·

    COOL RUMBLE I always look out for expiredfilm!!!

  4. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·

    @lsi i only really shoot expired film, and all the pics i've uploaded are with expired film, do i need to go through and add expired to all my film tags in meta data?

  5. radiactive
    radiactive ·


  6. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    Hi @mikeydavies! Yes, Metadata needs to be complete in order to enter this competition :) It will surely be of great help if you plan to join upcoming competitions too! Good luck! :)

  7. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·

    @gelibee all my meta data is updated with "expired" after the films that were expired! :) thanks!

  8. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    @mikeydavies Yahoo! Remember, camera, film and 3 tags! Goooood luck! :)

  9. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·

    @gelibee i've got 100%! (serious ocd!)

  10. luisvoodoo
    luisvoodoo ·

    I'm in!!!

  11. joseman
    joseman ·

    Mi best shots were made with expired films, this competition is great!

  12. lucadeluca
    lucadeluca ·

    la competition dei miei sogni :D

  13. aprilrich427
    aprilrich427 ·

    i almost always use expired film..its the best kind!

  14. zuska-scerbova
    zuska-scerbova ·

    ja fotim len na preexpirovane filmy :D

  15. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    The only film I have which isn't expired is the film I buy from Lomography! ;)

  16. sixsixty
    sixsixty ·


  17. dinospork
    dinospork ·

    Oops. I guess my memory of which film I used for certain pictures in not entirely reliable. Any way to unsubmit?

  18. antoniodezner
    antoniodezner ·

    I certainly will upload a photo!

  19. 86john
    86john ·

    how do you make sure the film are really expired?

  20. bagman66
    bagman66 ·

    a LomoKino movie filmed on expired/heat-damaged film: www.lomography.com/homes/bagman66/movies/727-very-expired-f…

  21. zanardi
    zanardi ·

    I love expired film!

  22. thedriver
    thedriver ·

    Placed an order yesterday for expired film and a splitzer for the Diana F+. I think I'll be mainly shooting for this competition!

  23. master
    master ·

    haha good that I just found some old kodak rolls from 2001 or so :D

  24. juanblythe
    juanblythe ·

    cheap and still good!

  25. jesushp
    jesushp ·

    I´m in

  26. cyan-shine
    cyan-shine ·

    99% of my film is expired, so I submitted some definitely expired AGFA RSX II images :D xpro'ed and straight xD

  27. jaasirlinger
    jaasirlinger ·

    Uploaded some LC-A photos I shot with a "Fuji Fujichrome 400 (expired 1990)" film and then cross processed... (if you wanna see them check my lomohome)

  28. makarov
    makarov ·

    i'm in

  29. kernlose
    kernlose ·

    the photos i've submitted were shot on slides which expired on 31 August 1981. sure wish i had more of those to shoot on!

  30. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @gelibee is it possible to remove pictures? on my last roll of expired provia was a shot which i think has become great and i would like to submit this one instead of another one.

  31. kingdjin
    kingdjin ·

    uploaded some ELITE II really expired .... xproed... :)

  32. nith
    nith ·

    Where I can see the result of the winners? thanks

  33. redryan
    redryan ·

    News? Who are the winners?Thanks

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