I love analog photography. I photograph what is nearby and try to find more interesting urban and other subjects for my photos.
My cameras...
Rollei 35T, Zorki, Zorki-2C, Zorki 4, Lubitel - 166B, Zenit E, Zenit 3M, Kiev 4M, Fed 3, Fed 5B, Adox Golf 63, Minox 35 EL, Exa 1B, Vilia, Voigtländer Vito CL, Agfa Silette, RevueFlex SC2,
Agfa Optima 535 Sensor, Agfa Optima 1A, Altix V, Zeiss Icon contina 3, Edixa-Mat Reflex Mod. D-L, Praktica Super TL, Minox 35 GT Golf, Minox 35 GT, Praktica TL B5, Praktica MTL 3, Post Reflex FX 6, Zeiss Ikon Contina Prontor SV Novar Anastigmat 3,5/45 mm, Leica R3 MOT Electronic, Revue ML, Zenit 12XP, Minolta SRT 100X, Carl Zeiss Jena WERRA matic, Zeiss Ikon Contessamat SE, Rolleiflex SL35, Minolta Hi-Matic AF2, Minolta XG-1, Exa Ihagee Dresden, Voigtländer Vitomatic IIb

108 3.502

Mijn albums

  • Album: Natur

    gedeeld door svar op 2019-02-20 · 1.105 Foto's
  • Album: City...

    gedeeld door svar op 2019-01-25 · 1.818 Foto's
  • Album: Winter...

    gedeeld door svar op 2019-01-25 · 155 Foto's
  • Album: Black end White

    gedeeld door svar op 2019-01-25 · 280 Foto's

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