I am a Vietnam veteran, retired after a 45 year career as a nurse, and I am improbably maternal. I have been capturing photons unmercifully since 1957, so be decorous, because there might be an old box with a very fast lens, loaded with fast film, out there, lurking in the shadows... Love to all. (Note that there is a Canon FT with 55mm f/1.2 lens in the avatar photo... old box, very fast lens, loaded with Delta 3200, etc.) Here's a few links... www.lookatme.ru/flows/fotografiya/posts/68355-lomografiya-u… www.lomography.nl/magazine/lifestyle/2014/03/02/camera-coll… www.lomography.nl/magazine/309090-meet-our-lomoguru-herbert… www.lomography.nl/magazine/310570-awesome-albums-mystery-ph… www.lomography.nl/magazine/318941-herbert-4-is-our-lomohome…

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