The ultimate experimental film and ENORMOUSLY [14x22 inches!] sized magazine here:
www.agitate.pictures There is NO magazine on sale today larger than AGITATE. Large thanks to the many contributors who make AGITATE possible.

Please read the Pulverantilist Manifesto at the above site. I wrote it to speak to your soul; to your emotions; to you as an individual seeking freedom as an artist. Make your own shots and disregard the rabble of boring technically perfect pictures. You are not a machine documenting the world, you are a person with your own vision and feel. Throw out the bland. Shoot your dreams and filtered views to stand alone as unique never-to-be-seen-again perspectives.

There are no words for pictures, that's why we shoot them. If you could adequately describe your work,art and emotions with words, you'd write a story or a novel. You'd never love or hate or feel. Words will fail emotions every time.

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