Announcing numbaa twoo-h!

So I got news!

I always start of with the bad so you can ease into it. I had this roll of film and it sat in my camera for ages. Took it to Berlin, Maastricht, Aken,Tilburg and eventually forgot it at the hostel in Madrid. (-_-) yeaah that’s life.

What could be possibly be so good to erase this analogue nightmare?
I bought a Polaroid SX-70, YEAH BABY! and I what’s in it for you?
Well I’m going to tell you all the inns and outs of this camera and maybe at the end,
you’ll be a seduced to!

But for now, here’s an interesting video (Link below) that every newcomer should watch (: !

info :
About This Video
The origins of the cameras we use today were invented in the 19th century. Or were they? A millenia before, Arab scientist Alhazen was using the camera obscura to duplicate images, with Leonardo da Vinci following suit 500 years later and major innovations beginning in the 19th century. Eva Timothy tracks the trajectory from the most rudimentary cameras to the ubiquity of them today.

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    qrro ·

    i love that picture man!! great portrait and beautiful girl! .... SX-70 huh?? lucky you ;D