Protest for Rosia Montana - September the 8th, 2013


  1. yago56
    yago56 ·

    A great report

  2. aka_papu
    aka_papu ·

    @yago56 thank you...

  3. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Ah, the gold-mine.
    Good luck!

  4. aka_papu
    aka_papu ·

    @yerzmyey exactly ;) hope we'll win :D

  5. babak_homayouni
    babak_homayouni ·

    good captures, i enjoyed them.
    now im gonna watch them again :)

  6. aka_papu
    aka_papu ·

    @babak_homayouni thank you very much my friend!
    I hope that the people that were protesting in the streets will win the fight against the corruption in this country

  7. babak_homayouni
    babak_homayouni ·

    i hope they get what they want
    they look so alive! they are happy, they play music, they are not even angery... they what to make a better change.

    i will upload some photos i took when the recent president of Iran was in my city, Mashhad. they puted people between walls, in a box like salon, mens here, womens over there! covered with hijab!

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