The lovely cake lady.

i love my olympus pens. I take one everywhere even when i know the light is going to be poor, i normally manage to get something from them. This time i shot my 17yr old son and his bandmates at a typically chaotic gig. As usual its the kids in the audience who get my attention the most, i just love to capture their energy and i like to do it in a way that mirrors the kids couldn't care less attitude. Hence the half frame, i want the dirt , grain and blur, i throw the rulebook out, never frame anything , focus and exposure are guessed. Added to this pulverantic concoction this time is quite possibly the most difficult changing bag experience I've ever had. The negative damage however is embraced, viva the bad photograph! viva pulverantalism and

Olympus Pen D
Ilford HP5 Plus 400 @1600
in the mosh pit with an olympus pen
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