Saw a tree that had some vines growing on it - - - - -

With the success of the acetone, both methods, I wanted to try some other harsh chemicals. I used a Clorox degreaser with bleach. I put the film canister in a cup to soak and after a bit I saw the little tail of film turn completely clear. I then rushed to rinse it out so the film inside the canister wouldn't do the same. After that, in the darkroom, I pulled all the film out and gave it a little spritzing and then rubbed my fingers gently up and down the film and quickly rinsed it off gently (so a little bit still remained on the film) and then rolled it back up. I let this film sit to dry for a few days and then just shot it yesterday. The results were fantastic. My scanner went crazy. The film had turned a very odd baby food split pea soup color. The images were only slightly edited in photoshop, I just adjusted the exposure and gamma offset to deepen the contrast, it seemed the chemicals flattened out the images quite a bit. I did no color shifting or saturation enhancement, these images were already saturated beyond belief with blues, purples, greens, and well you can see. Will definitely do this again.

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