Found a really colorful and cool place near the "Nørrebro Heart"

So here a few first images from my trip to Copenhagen. I stayed in the Nørrebro neighborhood, which is amazing!! and these are a some images shot with the Hasselblad at that neighborhood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    great one!

  2. oneira1927
    oneira1927 ·

    really great! I am digging these colors big time

  3. oneira1927
    oneira1927 ·

    great album...

  4. gorableme
    gorableme ·

    Amazing album! Love the colors

  5. aralucia
    aralucia ·

    I love this shot! I included it on my tumblr blog!

  6. neja
    neja ·

    Gat album

  7. chapoteo
    chapoteo ·

    Lovely colours!

  8. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    great shots!

  9. lespaul
    lespaul ·

    wow! the colour of this wall is just so luminous!

  10. kikifrenger
    kikifrenger ·

    wow rainboww!!

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