Cheers and ci' nteh maneers

Wake up late and enjoying big glass of tea with sugar


  1. v3ml
    v3ml ·


  2. cynthiaj
    cynthiaj ·


  3. toky
    toky ·


  4. ditchbitch
    ditchbitch ·


  5. sierravictor
    sierravictor ·

    Skål we say in norwegian!

  6. coconutcorbasi
    coconutcorbasi ·

    I thought it was beer, but why not tea? I prefer coffee in that glass!

  7. ankaaa
    ankaaa ·


  8. sina_rabea
    sina_rabea ·

    Great perspective!

  9. streuobst
    streuobst ·

    in Germany we say PROST. Do you also drink alcohol or is this prohibited due to your religion?

  10. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @streuobst I don't drink alcohol and it's prohibition in Islam. So many don't in my religion, don't eat pork, don't drink alcohol, don't have sex with people that you're not married with him/her, don't use a permanent tattoo at your body because it cover the water when you wash your body while "wudhu" (the ritual wash the body before pray), don't talk about other people' bad thing even you know it and you want it (except in corruption and other thing that can cause a bad for public), and many don't that I believe it's for my own goodness =)

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