This has been a long time coming...

When I was in high school, I found this poem by Christina Rossetti called "Remember". It's about losing a loved one. It spoke to me so much that it became one of my three favorite poems (the other two are by Shakespeare and Neruda).

When I started doing Lomography a few years back, I wanted to do a series inspired by this poem. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to. Then less than two years ago, I got my heart broken so badly and this poem helped me through that rough time.

The wound has long healed and I finally have the courage talk about moving on through my photos. So I packed my Belair and my amazing tripod and set off to Malibu - to shoot a series inspired by both the poem and my heartbreak.

Of course, the results aren't as good as they would have been had I used my Mamiya but I'm still happy, if only because I finally got to do this series and because it's a labor of love.

My boyfriend and I got up at 5 am to drive all the way to Malibu for this series. My hands and feet were freezing the entire shoot AND we got a parking ticket for it so I really really hope people will enjoy the photos, even if they're not amazing quality.

Dit is ons nieuwste Kickstarter project: de Lomo’Instant Square. We hebben het over de eerste analoge camera ter wereld die vierkante Instax foto's produceert. Het beschikt over een 95mm glazen lens voor super scherpe foto's, een geavanceerde automatische modus die zorgt voor perfecte belichting, alle iconische Lomography functies — én een compact, vouwbaar ontwerp. De Lomo’Instant Square is gelanceerd op Kickstarter. Vier met ons mee op Kickstarter en bespaar zo'n 35% op de geplande verkoopprijs en ontvang allerlei extra goodies. Zorg ervoor dat je er op tijd bij bent. Be there and be square!


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    Thank you my darlings for all the love in my new album!! I'm getting the hang of the Belair now, my focus is actually bettter.

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