LIfe it`s similar to chess... but in real life sometimes you can`t find wich is the black and wicn the white side of the board.
Some double exposure with my chess and at the Toluca Cosmovitral (a place you must visit someday).

This is one of my favourite pictures. I was just playing arround with my new fisheye #2 (wich I won at lomokikuyu contest, so I was proud of my new toy) and my new loomography ring flash. I was doing closeups of everything I could find at home (I love close ups, and fisheye make beautiful and easy close ups): legos, clocks, chess pieces...
A few days later I went to that amaizing botanic garden in Toluca, the Cosmovitral and decided to keep up with the play, so I 2-xpo this roll in this roll in the fisheye. When the roll was processed and printed I foud that this shots were really amaizing. I even sold one of this prints to a friend.

Dit is ons nieuwste Kickstarter project: de Lomo’Instant Square. We hebben het over de eerste analoge camera ter wereld die vierkante Instax foto's produceert. Het beschikt over een 95mm glazen lens voor super scherpe foto's, een geavanceerde automatische modus die zorgt voor perfecte belichting, alle iconische Lomography functies — én een compact, vouwbaar ontwerp. De Lomo’Instant Square is gelanceerd op Kickstarter. Vier met ons mee op Kickstarter en bespaar zo'n 35% op de geplande verkoopprijs en ontvang allerlei extra goodies. Zorg ervoor dat je er op tijd bij bent. Be there and be square!


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    Today this picture reached 44 likes and that's a record for me. 25 of the likes where made today. Thankyou all you people for liking an old picture that I love.
    Hoy ésta fotografía alcanzó 44 likes, que es un récord para mí. 25 de los likes son de hoy. Gracias a todos y todas porque les ha gustado una vieja foto que amo.
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    great effect :)

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    great effect :)

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    Thank you @woddali

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    no sé lo qué es, pero es preciosa...